Dua دُّعَاءُ Sabr صَبْرٌ Tawakul تَوَكُّل Arabic Bracelet⁩⁩

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Dua دُّعَاءُ
Sabr صَبْرٌ
Tawakul تَوَكُّل

Dua- Wear it as reminder to remember Allah swt and make 🤲🏻

Sabr- means patience. Patience is a way of life. It’s a state of heart. It’s a state of mind that you experience peace within. It’s the serenity, it’s the assurance we have in Allah swt regardless of how our daily lives are to be. It is one of the most valued characteristics and very important in life.

Tawakul - Wear it as a reminder to put all our trust in Allah SWT

Dua, Sabr, Tawakul beautifully engraved on our classic cuff bracelet. A timeless piece to remind you to be patient in difficult times, make dua 🤲🏻and to have faith in Allah swt at all times.