Heaven Lies Under The Feet Of Mother’s Arabic 3D Bar Necklace

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Heaven lies under the feet of Mothers

اَلْجَنَّةُ تَحْتَ أَقْداَمِ الْأُمُّهاَتِ


It was narrated from Mu'awiyah bin Jahimah As-Sulami, that Jahimah came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and said: "O Messenger of Allah! I want to go out and fight (in Jihad) and I have come to ask your advice." He said: "Do you have a mother?" He said: "Yes." He said: "Then stay with her, for Paradise is beneath her feet."

I will forever be thankful to Allah swt 🤲🏻❤️

To all the Mothers out there, this one is for you and all the Mothers to be. You all are a Garden of Flowers 💐 that are extraordinary to all your children. The greatest gift in this world is being blessed to have a Mother and than becoming a Mother.